Smiling Faces Child Development Center - We provide quality child care focusing on self esteem- self conf
Hours of Operation/Schedule
Smiling Faces Child Development Center, LLC, is open year-round (except listed holidays). Our daily schedule is posted inside the door and reflects a typical day, Please don't forget to read the parent board as well. 
Holidays & Closings
Smiling Faces holidays that are paid, but we will be closed: 
New Years Day
Martin Luther King Day
President's Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Vacation Days/ Sick Days
There will be three paid sick days and eight paid personal days, parents will be required to arrange for their own backup care. We will let you know as soon as possible if we will need to be closed and cannot provide care that day. Any sick days after three will not be paid. Regarding bereavement; in the event of a death in the immediate family, there will be five paid days following the loss. These days of vacation will be paid at your regular rate.
Severe Weather
In severe weather situations (such as icy roads, flooding, etc.) listen to the local news; if the Minneapolis Public School District is closed for severe weather, Smiling Faces will also be closed. If sirens are sounded or a warning is announced all staff and children will proceed to the gym. Staff will calmly initiate appropriate activities with the children, All staff and children will remain in the shelter until the "all clear" is announced on the radio.
Registration Fees
Smiling Faces Child Development Care requires a one time registration fee at the time of enrollment. This fee may be prepaid to reserve a spot for your child up to three months in advance of your child's first day (six months for an infant). This fee is applied to processing costs and is non-refundable.
A weekly rate will be agreed upon prior to enrollment and is due and payable on Friday for the upcoming week, a $10.00 late fee will be assessed to all accounts that are not current by Monday at noon, and will incur a $10.00 fee each additional day.  Non-payment will result in termination of child care services. If your child is sick and does not come or you take vacation your payment is required for those days. All co-payments will be collected and are due in full by the 5th day of each month. 
NOTE: Child Care Assistance does not pay for late fees, late fees are the parents responsibility.
Late Pick-Up Charge
If your child is not  picked up by your contracted time, late fees will be added to your account $1.00 for every minute, each child will be given 1 day each month for early drop off or late pick ( up to 15 minutes), fees will be assessed once a family has used their monthly slot. Late payments will be due immediately.  Hennepin County licensing regulation states that children may not attend child care over 10 hours per day.  
 NOTE: Child Care Assistance does not pay for late fees, late fees are the parents responsibility.
Return Checks Policy
A fee of $25 for processing fees will be charged for all returned checks. If your check is returned, we ask that you pay with cash, credit or debit card, cashiers check or money order.  
If your child will be absent for any reason please notify Smiling Faces as soon as possible, meals and snacks are prepared according to attendance.   
Child Release Authorization List
Children will only be released to authorized persons on the Release Form. If someone else will be picking up your child please notify us in advance, picture identification will be required.  
Arrivals and Departures (saying goodbye...)
Children may not enter or leave our care unless accompanied by an adult. Upon arrival be sure a staff member is fully aware (per verbal communication) that your child is arriving or leaving, a please remember to sign your child in and out.  To help achieve the goal of allowing your child to become independent, emotionally healthy, and well adjusted, please present your child to the teacher on arrival. The greeting between caregivers and children is invaluable. Many things about the child's health and state of mind can be determined in that brief time. Your child's teacher will then help the child transition into our daily routine.   
  • Remember hellos and goodbyes are a part of our everyday routine. Separation should be sweet and brief, with reassurance about the planned pick-up time.
  • Parents should encourage children to make friends and interact with the caregivers and look forward to being at school without feeling guilty or disloyal to their parents.   
The following safety precautions have been established to ensure the safety of children and caregivers:
  • Security doors will remain locked at all times.  
  • Emergency evacuation drills are held regularly without notice (parents present should participate in the drill).   
  • An attendance checklist will be used during safety drills and in the event of an evacuation.        
  • All classroom staff is trained in First Aid and CPR, SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome, and attend at least 40 hours of continuing education each year.   
  • Cribs and equipment will be throughly evaluated monthly.
  • Teachers will check room and equipment daily
  • All toys and equipment will be disinfected daily.
Smiling Faces has an Open Door Policy for parent visits. We recognize and support parent’s desires to see and spend time with their children whenever they can.   
Quiet time
Each child has separate bedding. Infants and young toddlers will sleep in a crib, all infants and toddlers will be placed on their backs. Older toddlers and preschool age children will sleep on a cot.  Children who do not nap will have a quiet rest period. 
Please try to avoid bringing your child during quiet time, This disrupts the children. Parents who pick up during Quiet Time should be respectful of other children who are resting.
(Please note: Smiling Faces believes it is developmentally inappropriate to wake children from sleep, unless they are being picked up to leave.)        
Discipline & Guidance
Discipline is not necessarily "punishment," it is a means of learning self control. We will always try to redirect your child by offering positive guidance, incorporating creative teaching and involvement to help children develop self-discipline and inner control over their actions.
It is based on a mutual respect and an understanding of a child's needs and development. We achieve this by using positive guidance such as redirection, verbalization, consistency, acknowledgment of feelings, firmness, and fairness. Children are encouraged to express their feelings verbally as well as to discuss and resolve conflicts rather than 'act out' their negative feelings.
Children will never be isolated, shamed, forced away or removed from the other children.
Aggressive Behavior
We will always try to redirect your child in an event that a child is expressing aggressive behaviors, parents will be notified of each incident. Aggressive and hurtful behavior includes, but is not limited to: biting, hitting, kicking, pushing, scratching, spitting, name calling and pinching. Such behavior is not appropriate and we will use every appropriate method to help and redirect your child.   If we feel there is a chronic behavioral issue that needs attention, parents will be informed, so parents and caregivers are handling it in the same way and your child has consistency in discipline between home and school. 
Child Abuse
We are required by law to report any apparent incidences of child abuse or neglect defined as "non-accidental infliction or threat of infliction of physical, emotional, or mental harm to a child".   All such reports must contain the name and address of the child, the name and address of the person responsible for the care of the child, and any other pertinent information. 
What To Bring  
Parents of infants and toddlers should bring infant formula, diapers or training pants, wipes, a special blanket and a change of clothes. Please bring extra clothing appropriate to the season. Boots, snow pants, hat, scarves, snow mittens in the winter. Your child's blanket will be sent home every Friday to be washed.
Clothing and Personal Belongings
Children's clothing should be comfortable, allowing complete freedom of movement, washable, and suitable for daily indoor and outdoor activities. Since children spend time outdoors almost every day, parents should consider weather conditions when planning daily dress. To encourage development of independent bathroom skills, children's clothing should be easy for them to manipulate with a minimum of assistance. Children must wear shoes which are practical as well as comfortable. A complete change of clothing should be kept in your child's cubbie. E xcept for special items needed to smooth the transition from home, toys and personal belongings should remain at home. This will avoid lost/broken possessions and hurt feelings. We will make reasonable efforts to safeguard children's personal belongings and clothing, but will not be responsible for lost or damaged items.  Everything that your child brings or wears to school should be permanently labeled. Candy, gum, and money are not permitted.        
Meals & Snacks
We participate in the Minnesota Licensed Family Child Care Association food program. Nutritious meals and snacks will be provided and posted monthly. Milk will be served with every meal. Please notify us if your child has any special dietary restrictions. We must receive a written statement from a physician or a licensed dietitian for special therapeutic diets. All breast milk must be labeled.  
Birthdays and holidays are an especially exciting time for young children and we will be pleased to help your child celebrate. We will supply cake and Ice cream for our first birthday together, otherwise please notify us one week in advance if you will be bringing a special treat. All parties need to be scheduled a minimum of 30 minutes after nap-time. 
  Health & Medical Policies
We will notify parents immediately if your child develops any of the following symptoms. It is at the centers discretion whether your child may continue that day, you will be  notified of these or other conditions and will be expected to pick-up your child immediately. A child with any of of these symptoms must remain out of child care for at least 24 hours after the last episode and 24 hours after their temperature returns to normal. Remember, if your child is ill, they are most comfortable at home.
  • Temperature of 101 F.
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Rash, other than diaper or heat related.
  • Child is unable to participate in the normal activities.
Medical Emergencies
In the event of an injury or medical emergency, trained staff will immediately administer first aid. If the caregiver believes the situation may call for parent involvement or professional medical attention, Parents or other authorized emergency contacts will be contacted immediately. If the condition is serious, we will call 911 for an EMT response or transport the child to a hospital emergency Room. P arents will be liable for all fees.
Toilet Training
We are happy to assist in potty training. Its best for you to initiate potty training over a weekend or vacation. Please do not begin training before your child is ready. When the time is right for your child and until he/she is totally successful in his/her toileting, he/she should wear clothes that promote his/her independence. The best items are shorts and pants with elastic waists, or dresses. Try to avoid tight clothing, pants with snaps and zippers and belts, overalls and onesies. These are difficult for children to remove "in a hurry". Please send 2-3 extra outfits while potty training.  While training, children must wear training pants with plastic pants over them or pull-ups. If your child seems to be doing fine with no accidents during the day at home (with no prompting from you to use the potty) and remaining dry at nap time, then he/she can wear underwear here. (Remember that sometimes the level of play here tends to make children "forget" to stop and go to the potty.) Please notify your child's teacher if you are sending your child in underwear.
Children will never be punished for toileting accidents.
Grievance Policy 
Young children often react poorly to changing their child care provider, causing upset disruption and concerns for parents. It is important that parents have a viable alternative to dealing with problems that arise with their child's care and education, without having to move their child to another provider. Each family has a right to a positive response for the center, it's staff and management, to meet the families particular needs. Our full Grievance Policy will be given to each family.
Termination of Enrollment
We require a two week notice for termination of child care . Enrollment will be considered terminated if: Payment is delinquent beyond 3 business days; If Parents fail to comply with this Agreement, the Parent Handbook, or any other rules of the program; Our program, in its sole discretion, determines if it is unable to meet the needs of the Child, if we decide it's not in the best interest of our program or other children enrolled to have a child continue in attendance, in this event the family will be given a two week notice.   
  • In the event the centers director decides that a child Jeopardizes the programs safety they will be terminated 'at will' without a two week notice. 
We do not discriminate. Children and staff of all races, nationalities, and religions are welcome. We respect all cultural diversity and incorporate this into the daily curriculum. 
General Rules
The following rules are enforced for the safety and well being of everyone.
  • Running is not  permitted.
  • Hitting, pushing, biting, grabbing, kicking, spitting etc... 
  • No standing or climbing on chairs, tables, or furniture.
  • No playing on the steps (either inside or out).
  • No disrespectful language will be used.
  • Children are to keep food and drink in the proper area. Children are not allowed to walk around and eat. 
  • Children are not permitted to lift and/or carry other children.
  • Remember that children are like sponges; please be mindful of cell phone conversations and conversations with other parents and your actions.  
Parents will receive at least two weeks notice concerning changes/updates in this handbook UNLESS it is a new state or county regulation that we have no control over, in which case the change will take place immediately. we will notify parents in writing of any changes.
Any violation of these guidelines (Daycare Contract/Rate Agreement and/or Parent Handbook) will be cause for immediate termination of care.Smiling Faces reserves the right to enforce any part of this contract, without voiding the whole contract.
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