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Welcome to our first family newsletter!  We are excited to fill you in on all the exciting  activities we have in store for your child this year.  Once a month your child will be sent home with a newsletter.  It will also be available on our website.  We encourage parent feedback and/or ideas for newsletter articles.  We look forward to another year with your child!!!
Field Trip
Our field trip in July to Chuck E Cheese was so much fun.  The children enjoyed playing games, eating pizza, playing on the jungle gym, making new friends and most of all meeting Chuck E!  
Dealing with Separation Anxiety:
It’s a heart wrenching experience when your child displays separation anxiety behaviors and can be very traumatic  for you.   Separation anxiety is a natural part of a child's development and can occur at anytime.  Even the happiest and well balanced of children may have a period of time that they suffer from separation anxiety.  Easing the separation process with preparation, care and tact will allow an easy transition for your child :
  •  Keeping a consistent   schedule– Some children do well with change and adapt quickly.  Other children don't do as well and need extra time, understanding, and consistency.
  • Children need to be assured that you are confident that they are in the best care– if you seem anxious or upset when leaving your child chances are your child will pick up and reflect those same emotions.  Remember if you are anxious, your child will be anxious.  If you are enthusiastic your chill be enthusiastic!
  • Remember children are resilient—this is a normal phase. With proper care your child will adapt.
  • Make up a drop off routine.
  • Try not to hang around - It is easiest if you hug your child and immediately leave after reassuring them that you will return.
  • Never sneak out behind your child's back - This is very traumatic!  Remember hug them and reassure them you are returning.
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